about warp – Warp
Your money faster

Why Warp

A new world rises right in front of us. The way we lived is over. In today's hyper connected world our relationship with money never ceases to change. We are experiencing a digital exponential transformation that puts to the ground our old financial habits. Warp helps you navigate through this new era by seizing the best opportunities and features to your business in a way you wouldn't even dare to think of.

What we do

We develop creative payment solutions that make cryptocurrency transactions easy. Founded in 2016 Warp graduated from and is invested by Founder Institute – the world's premier pre-seed startup accelerator – where we can count on experienced investors in our field. In 2017 we launched Warp Exchange – a payment solution for cryptocurrency transactions. Your client pays in cryptocurrency. You get paid in your preferred currency within 2 to 48 hours. Fast, safe and hassle free. 100% transparent process. 100% auditable transactions to all our all stakeholders. Warp Exchange is just our first step. We are already implementing international remittance operations for our clients supported by blockchain´s speed, security and transparency.


To popularize and facilitate the use of cryptocurrency in financial transactions to the largest possible variety of customers. From the small merchant to the big businessman we work to make our customers understand how easy and profitable it is to use the new technologies in payment methods.


To be a pioneer company in the payment methods market producing creative, complete solutions that facilitate financial transactions involving cryptocurrencies.


• Security and transparency in ALL processes / transactions • Speed in all transactions based in our payment methods • Global thinking. Local focus in our specific clients needs. • Excellence in creating solutions