warpexchange – Warp

What is it?

Warp Exchange is a payment method / solution based on blockchain security that allows any commercial establishment to easily accept payment in cryptocurrencies just as any credit card. No portable payment device needed. No monthly or annual fee. Warp Exchange converts cryptocurrency and the merchant gets paid in his/her preferred currency within 2 to 48 hours. Through Warp Exchange, Warp Soluções em Meios de Pagamento intends to increase worldwide cryptocurrency circulation.

How does it work?

It is all very easy. If your a merchant, sign in Warp Exchange website e choose ´get paid in cryptocurrency´. Within minutes you can start operating through our platform either by using our payment interface or one of our plugins to one of the main existing e-commerce platforms like Core, Vetex or Magento. In a sales transaction your client will first choose a product, select a cryptocurrency to pay for the product, get a QR Code and then confirm purchase.

Client chooses product
Client selects bitcoin as payment method
Client pays in bitcoin
Client receives payment confirmation
Merchant gets payed in his/her preferred currency


Warp Exchange will make your cryptocurrency transactions easy. It is also a competitive advantage that helps you increase sales and attract customers interested in a better and 100% safe payment method. You can use Warp Exchange in on and offline transactions as well as donations with no bureaucracy involved.